Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, I have a lot of playing catch-up to do! We went to Wisconsin for family vacation in June, and we had a great time. Alex graduated while we were there, YEAH! We got to spend time with both of the older kids, we wish that they lived closer.

My cranky baby...we were holding out on the bottle until take off, and it made her mad.

Alex, with his diploma! We actually didn't get to attend graduation. The night that it was planned for, it got canceled due to bad weather and flooding. Then they rescheduled it for Sunday, but Mike had been asked to speak in our old branch, so we didn't drive the two hours back down to Fond du Lac.

Our kids!

Our family, I looked like a drowned rat from the rain, rain and more rain!

When the rain stopped we decided to take the kids to dinner, before driving the two hours back to Sturgeon Bay. This is what we found...we could only drive in a two block radius. So we went back to Mike's ex-wife's house and sat for a little while. Then Mike and Alex went to see if they could get to the highway, and they could...but by the time they got back to the house the rain started again....no!! We threw Jordan in her car seat kissed the kids good-bye and were gone! We got to the highway, only to find a highway patrolman who informed us that it was under water and closed...panic set in...now what? There was one more way out of town, but it required us to go back the way we had just come, the officer said that we should hurry because they were getting ready to close that road as well. As we drove the water continued to get deeper, and the wakes got bigger...we were in a line of cars, we moved slowly and stopped for no lights. The water was literally 1/3 the way up our doors, and there was trash floating by the car. I was terrified, this brought a whole new meaning to the word scared for me. I just kept praying that we would make it out, and we did thanks to Mike. He stayed so calm, he told me later that he had said a prayer and asked that he would remain calm, because he knew that I would fall apart having Jordan in the backseat.

Now, what I didn't tell you is that when we flew in and went to pick up our rental car, they were out of full sized cars....and they upgraded us to a SUV for free. We ended up getting a Dodge Journey. As terrifying as that whole experience was, I walked away with a stronger testimony of, the fact that our Heavenly Father truly is mindful of us and he has a hand in all that we do. We wouldn't have been able to safely leave town in a full sized car, and we would have had to stay at the ex-wife's house....thank goodness for everyday miracles!!


Emily said...

sounds like quite the adventure!!

Analee said...

That flooding is sooooo bad. There is nothing like feeling like you are trapped. This last winter we had the worst snowstorm in years. Breeana was stuck at Thanksgiving point and could only make it to Jenna's--Jenna was stuck at our house and Alaina was stuck at a church in Eagle Mountain. It was bad.