Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday's with Adhering Words #3

I can't believe that this is my third "Adhering Words" post. I am so excited that I have something fun to post about today. We applied to be in a craft show in July. We had to literally wait while the jury was out to get our answer.
Well, we got it yesterday morning...we are in! I am beside myself
with joy/worry/excitement and fear all at one time.

Mike could hear the stress in my voice tonight, and he jokingly said,
"You aren't stressing about the show already, are you?
You haven't even known for 24 hours yet."
I started to list all the things that I need to get done.
He listened, and then he very calmly said,
"It will be fine, it will all come together. I know that you can do this."
I love having a sounding board, even though he is over a
thousand miles away right now.

So, we will have a booth at the Heart of Texas show in July. My sister-in-law will be flying in from Utah to share the booth with us. She makes amazing interchangeable beaded watch bands. And my girlfriend from Abilene is coming on board with Adhering Words for the show.

Ok, I am excited...


ChristinaS said...

That's sounds like so much fun! I think you guys will do so well at it. No worries... You are so talented... You'll be fine!

Janine said...

Stressed, stressed, and more stressed

Anonymous said...

Stumbling over here from SITS...wow and congrats on getting this show.
It's going to be fabulous! Much luck!