Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have a new hobby, or should I say game?
I started couponing...and I am loving it!! I buy 2 sets of doubled Sunday papers, all for the 4 sets of coupons. If I can get it for free, I want 4 of them not only 1. I have been doing this under the supervision of my friend Erica, she is teaching me the ropes. There is nothing more exciting than
the store owing me money!!
I have a freezer full of pork chops, steak, tilipia, shrimp....I have found some really good sales on meat. I am really wishing that I hadn't given away my upright freezer. I like the peaceful feeling of having storage again.

This picture was the stuff I got the first time I went with Erica, the 4 boxes of pizza rolls were free!

So, this is kind of a bad picture, my intentions were to take pictures as I get the deals. However, Mike was out of town and had the camera with him. Thanks to Proctor & Gamble, I got most of this stuff while Mike was gone.

And, this picture was from tonight! I am addicted.

In a months time, I have spent $135.48, and saved $345.44 plus I have $18 in CVS extra care bucks. I have lots in the fridge and freezer that are not in the pictures, and yes mom...I am spending wisely!!


Lisa said...

Way to go!!!! It looks like you are getting the hang of it. Wahooo!!!!

Josh and Alaina said...

That is so cool! I need to stop being lazy and do it. Of course bree is really good with all of that- I just hate taking the time to do that. Seeing your stuff and savings makes me think twice about it though!

Analee said...

Wow. Breeana does this a bit and I have a friend that has not purchased ANY nonedible items in the past four years. Incredible. Congrats.

Amy said...

That is seriously awesome...you are going to have to teach me!

Clark Family said...

Looks like I've taught you well! ;) Don't forget to tell me when you find more awesome deals!!

Jenna and Lafe said...

teach me teach me!!!!!! For real I want to build a food storage. Call me. Love you

Sarah said...

Amazing!! When you come to AZ, (you are coming right?), you will have to teach me. I would love to save and get great deals.