Friday, August 1, 2008

Last month, Mike went to Oregon for a family reunion...of sorts. More than anything he went to spend time with his father. Jordan and I stayed home since we had just gone to Wisconsin for vacation. I tried to talk Mike into taking Jordan with him...she would fly free....but he looked at me as if I had turned into the green hulk, so I took that as a no! I wanted him to have something to show her off, so I surprised him with a brag book. I did a 10 page layout, with a kit that my friend Bonnie made, and then had it printed and hard bound at CVS...and with my couponing I got it free! I was so pleased with the way it turned out, and the response that I got, that I decided to take out Jordan's pictures and make it a digital freebie. So, the freebie is now on Jordan's Boutique. If you really want to see the pictures of Jordan, you might need to click on it to enlarge it.

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Sarah said...

so cute...i will have to check that out