Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lisa is home from Germany

June 1st, I picked up my girlfriend Lisa and her two kids from DFW. They have been stationed in Germany for the last 4.5 years. I am so glad that she is back. Even though she isn't going to be in Abilene, St. Louis is a whole lot closer than Germany. We spent the afternoon together, and hung out in
Granbury with Lisa's family.

Lisa and I

Brayla, Lisa and Landon

Jordan and myself

At the end of our visit we went to Taco Bueno, a favorite of ours that you can't find in Germany. While we were there, we had a sudden thunderstorm. Lightening was striking all around the building, and at one point we joked about the fact that it sounded like the building had been hit. A couple minutes later an employee came and told us that they were shutting the power off for a few minutes, not to worry. The next thing we knew,
we were watching firemen enter the resturant...

first fireman in the building

the firetruck, that brought the nice firemen to Taco Bueno

our party watching the excitment

another fireman

even more firemen

We finished our meal, the power never did come back on so we couldn't refill our drinks. There never was any smoke, but the building was diffently struck by lightening. All in all, it made for an entertaining dinner
and something different to blog about.

I am really happy that Lisa and her family are state side again! Welcome Home!

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