Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My love for the GAME

So for those that don't already know I started my own vinyl lettering business at the end of last year. I was blessed with being very busy, but extremly overwhelmed. During the last few months of the year lots of things got pushed to the side...and some of those things I will always regret. Like the fact that I put up our Christmas tree the week before christmas and then never put any ornaments on it....the tree was pre-strung with lights or it would have been really naked. I kept telling mysely that I just didn't want to fight with Jordan and ripping the tree apart, but honestly I just didn't have the time...or better yet I didn't take the time. I cried about it Christmas Eve and I made a vow that I would make it up in the years to come. The other thing that was put out to pasture was couponing, and other than a deal here and there I had lost hope. I had a mountain of inserts that needed to be cut and my binder needed to be cleaned out of all the outdated stuff...which left maybe 10 coupons.

Well, it has taken me two weeks to get organized again with couponing. But I did it. I worked at it a little each day. And last night I went shopping with my buddies, I had forgotten my love for the game, the awed customers and the nice and not so nice store employees.

I got all of this for $4.18 out of pocket. The store was going to owe me so to balance it out I bought a water bottle for walking.

8 plug-in/battery oper. air freshener
4 johnson's body wash
1 johnson's lotion
10 shampoo
5 gels
5 mousse
2 frizzy serem
& 13 excedrin


Janine said...

I really need another lesson on couponing. When we come down we will for sure be doing that. Love the Christmas post, Jordan is so cute.

Sara said...

OK...I'm impressed! But I really don't think that you'll have that many headaches before that Exedrin goes bad. What do you do with all that stuff??

Shalene said...

It expires in 2012, and you are right I won't have that many headaches. I share it with the missionaries, my sister, care packages for the older kids. But I share all the toiletries, not just meds. Plus, I am working on my stockpile and food storage, and trying to save a penny here and there. I wish that you were here, the stores don't offer the same coupon deals in WI, we checked for Sarah. I can't wait until Aldi's is here. Maybe if I save enough pennies I can get a freezer.