Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a fun evening with Fred and his little "Pink Poodle". I made this Fred Flintstone costume for Mike last year...and he will be Fred for a few more years to come.

Our little poodle was hating the hood on her costume, the nose of the dog hung in her face. She kept putting her bucket down to push the head out of her way.

Now...what is this?


We finished our night off with one last important stop...

Grammy & Granddad's


Janine said...

"See Jordan,so funny" that is what Kennedy said when she saw her. She looked super cute, give her kisses for us :)

Jenna and Lafe said...

How Stinking Cute Is She I Love It!!!!

Lisa said...

so cute what a great costume!!

Jessca said...

cutest doggy ever! I love the flintston custom you made