Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally something Twilight related, worth sharing

Ok, AMY and JANINE, this is for all you ladies that are crazy about New Moon, or anything Twilight related. Everyone knows that I was not a big fan, in fact I only read the first book, and right when I thought that it was getting was over. Maybe someday I will change my attitude and read the rest of them, but not today.

Anywhooo, this is the very first thing Twilight related that I thought was worth the time to share. A few years ago in Wisconsin, we had some missionaries in our branch that our family just fell in love with. Dug Brecheisen was one of those young men, always happy and always singing.

Here is his latest song...


Amy said...

Hahahah! You are wonderful!

Janine said...

Very cool. You know when Twilight was just getting good and ended it didn't really end. READ THE REST of the books!!!