Tuesday, October 20, 2009

painting, painting and more painting...

So, I can not let another Tuesday go by without blogging.
I need to get on the ball again. I have been so busy and sick.
I am finally feeling better, but the craziness has just gotten worse.
Since it is Tuesday and I should be blogging about work...I thought that I would share some painting pictures. Before each show I get at least 2-3, 4'x8' sheets of MDF cut into boards. and then the dreaded task of painting them begins. I used to paint them all by hand, but quickly decided that was for the birds. So, I went out and bought a professional paint sprayer...

check out the over spray...I painted everything that HOT day in July!

The spray tip was too wide of an angle, I must have wasted a gallon of paint that day. Not to mention my mom and I killed the grass on the side of her house...I tired to tell her that the plastic was the wrong way to go!

I love being back in a house! This is the paint booth that Mike put up for me in our garage. I have 3 shows this month and 2 for sure next month. I have been painting away, it is nice to clean the sprayer, close the garage and start all over again tomorrow. Not an option in the side yard at my parents. With a smaller paint tip, there was still over spray...but nothing like before!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to limit the over spray?


A little bit of crazy.... said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun project. I'm assuming it's for Adhering Words? For your house? Do you usually wear a mask?...you're freaking me out!!!!

Shalene said...

Yes, it is for Adhering Words. If it were for my house I would have boards covering every inch of wall space and then some. And no, I don't wear a mask I know I should, but I always forget to buy one!

Breeana said...

Hand painting is for the birds? You crack me up!

Sarah said...

I wish I could help you with the over spray...but I can't. I wanna see what you do with all the boards. I am very curious!