Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pictures say it ALL

I am feeling the need to post, but I really don't have anything super fun or exciting to post about. Mike is still gone, and Jordan and I miss him. She expresses herself by yelling, no screaming at me most of the day. So, to share with you what we having been doing for the last couple of weeks I thought that pictures would be more fun, than blah, blah, blah...

South Dakota, where Mike is hanging out, literally.
He works a few days and then goes bowling and golfing
with the other drivers that are there from Texas.
He said he needed a vacation, well now he is getting one,
without using his vacation time and somewhere he doesn't want to be.
I guess be careful what you ask for!

Ruan, what Mike is doing in South Dakota,
when he isn't bowling or golfing.

Jordan loves Cherrios, and carries them around in
a bowl every milk.

Work has been good for me,
so we have been making several trips to the post office.

Jordan has been pitching one fit after another.

I do not love him,
and I really wish he would stop saying that I do!

Barbie has found her way into the DVD player in the back seat.
Jordan loves it so much that she doesn't fall asleep in the car anymore,
so I actually get to put her down for a nap.

My cousin Amory graduated from college and we went to her party.
It was fun, we got to see family that we hadn't
seen for years...more pictures of that later.

And last, but not least...McDonalds!

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