Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Fabuluos 5 WINNER" #5

Wow!! I am so sorry that I forgot to post Fridays "Fabulous 5 WINNER" this morning. My life was an unexpected whirlwind this past weekend. Mike called on Friday morning to tell me that his company was sending him to South Dakota to work for at least 3 weeks. I felt sorry for myself for a few minutes and then thought of dear friends/family members that are military and do this for a whole lot longer than 3 weeks, so I quickly pulled it together. We did laundry, packed food, celebrated my sisters birthday & Mothers' Day early, got the oil changed on our little car...and then he was gone. He will be missed, but between the great response I am getting on my website and my 20 month old, the time will fly by.

So, with all that being said our 5th winner is, BRYAN & LAUREN!

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Ok, this is giving me a headache...I did not use this font, but I can't get it to change, my post didn't look like this while i was doing it!!


ChristinaS said...

Congradulations Lauren!
Shalene, I know exactly what you mean.. Mike is putting in for a job that in the beginning he will be living on the site for five days and off two. We are hoping that eventually they will allow him do a non-residentual. Then he can come home nightly.. But hopefully your right, that with all that you do in a days time, your days will fly by.

Josh and Alaina said...

Good luck to you cuz! I don't think I could do it if I still had a toddler! I think the only thing that keeps me sane is the fact that they are both in school and I get some "me" time. Love ya!