Monday, March 2, 2009

Evening of Excellence

For the last 19 months I have served in the Young Women program. I was recently released and have really struggled with my new calling as a part of the enrichment committee. I loved every moment of being with the young women in our ward. I miss the friendships that were built there with those sweet girls and find myself feeling alone. Not that I don't see them but it is different now. Ok, I am done wallowing in my own self least for now.

I uploaded the pictures from my camera so I could post the pictures from our trip to Utah for Kennedy's birthday.....but to my horror, I had not uploaded anything since November. I don't know why this would surprise me...the last event I posted was Halloween.

So, I am going to start with the last event that I was in charge of in
YW...our Evening of Excellence

This was a display that we had of things pertaining to Personal Progress.
When the night started the lamp was not on...I'll come back to why??

We used the program written by Jenny Phillips, it was amazing and the music was beautiful. We talked about the girls being a light unto the world and standing for what they believe in. As each girl got up to do her part we had them turn a lamp on starting with the one on the display table. The lights were dimmed in the room, and I was amazed at the effect that was made by turning the lamps on separately. Our bishop concluded with comparing the light of just one lamp to that of all the lamps together.

The presidency did the food, it was so good. We had little plates already set instead of platters of treats. Each plate had a YUMMY cheesecake, chocolate strawberries and grapes.

These were my girls, I love each of then dearly. They are all so different, and all so talented.
It was a beautiful evening.

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Sara said...

Very cute ideas! I love your "signature" as well. You'll have to teach me how to make that! How have you been lately, btw?