Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wow, how time flies. I have so much to blog about, but no time in which to do it. For now here is a picture of my beautiful little girl and her necklace. Jordan loves this necklace that my mom bought for Kennedy to play with several months ago, when they came to visit. Back then we would put it on Jordan and she would crawl around, but never take it off. Well, these days she goes into Grammy's house and goes right for the toys, but it is not the toys that she is after it is this necklace. She now puts it on herself, and will not let you take it off of her. She brought it home the other day, and last night she was playing with it in the car...and fell asleep. I love this girl.

Sorry that the picture is so blurry.....I took it with my phone.


Sara said...

So cute!!!

So nice to see you from the dead on your blog! it's about time!!!

Sarah said...

Still cute even through all the grain. BTW where is my new header? :)

Janine said...

Miss you cute Jordan!!