Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This post dates way back to August. I was asked to be in charge of a Japanese themed dinner for youth conference. I had been told not to worry about decorations that there would be none any of the nights. It was a missionary themed conference and was run like the MTC. I got wind around 10am Saturday morning that the other nights had decor....well, that put the wheels in motion...I WOULD NOT BE OUT DONE! So, I got on the phone and called Jade whose whole apartment is Asian decor and asked to borrow her stuff. Without even hesitating she said yes, and then drove the 1+ hour to deliver it to the church. She single handed made the night come full circle, it would not have had the same feel without her things. There was so much that every table had a center piece...we all had to laugh when they asked the youth "not to touch anything that it was all from a private collection". She bought her Samari swords for show, one of the bishopric members from my ward sat by them all night. Sadly, the pictures of the tables did not turn out, the were fuzzy. So, all of the pictures are of the food that we made. It was a great night.


Sara said...

Mmmmm...that looks so good!!

Jade said...

I am glad that I was able to help you out cause man you were so overwhelmed. But as always you did an amazing job with everything for that night and you were by far the most talked about dinner. Good thing I love the Zen theme so I could help you out! You are so talented and a great example to me Sis. I love you!!