Thursday, October 9, 2008

So, I have been shamed into updating my blog. This morning while checking blogs, I noticed that Amy linked to Jordan's first birthday, except when you follow the link there was no posting of my baby's big here it is. I can't believe it, she is one. It seems like just yesterday that I was miserable and pregnant. Now I have a little girl that is into everything. We had her party at my parents house, in the backyard. Sarah flew in a couple days before, and Hal, Janine and Kennedy flew in the day of the party. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. I could not have pulled it off without friends and family. So thank you to all that were involved.

Jordan in her pretty pink tutu that Emily made for her.

Everyone entered the backyard from the gate, so I lined the wall with these little paper lanterns, they would have been even cuter with lights...maybe next time.
The bounce house was a nice added touch for all the kids...thank you Bonnie.
Sarah and I came up with the idea for this cake, and then baked it and sugared the towers...but when it came to frosting it...Emily stepped in and saved the day!
My sweet baby was a little overwhelmed, and really never touched her cake that I spent hours on! If I could only have gotten her to understand the importance of a nap that day...maybe ahe would have been smiling!


Lisa said...

Oh My Gosh you are alive. I was beginning to wonder about my Texas friends. It looks like your party was a hit. Abby wounldn't touch her cake when she turned one. Maybe it is a girl thing. I hope that all is well and that you are saving some big $$$ with all our coupons.

Emily said...

oh my gosh you are alive!!! even though I see you everyday i was begining to wonder if you were alive!!

Analee said...

Cute party. I heard all about the big day. The last picture reminded me of Josh's 2nd birthday. As soon as we lit the candles he started hysterically screaming to the point of hyperventalating! Nothing would settle him down and we ended up having to put him to bed. What a party.

Josh and Alaina said...

Oh so cute! I love her birthday ourfit!! It is great to see you post something- I've missed you in the bloggin world. I don't think that I sent you an invite since my blog went private- I don't have your email! Send me an email and i'll invite you.

Breeana said...

So cute - I love the tutu. Happy 1st birthday!

my2kids said...

Wow! She's grown so the tutu.