Monday, June 2, 2008

My mom jokes about being a widow from the end of March until October, due to the car shows and my dads love for cars. Last summer I didn't do a lot of the car action because I was pregnant, but Mike went along and loved it. Well, in order for Jordan and I to spend time with Mike on Saturday nights, we meet up with Mike and my dad for dinner at the shows. Jordan loves it, she loves her Granddaddy and loves being outside. The night of this show dad was holding her when they called his name, so she got to go with to accept the trophy.

Jordan and her Granddaddy

All the winners from the show, dad is the second in from the left.


Analee said...

HOW ADORABLE. That is one of those classic photos that will mean something for ever. He has a trophy in both hands.

Jenna and Lafe said...

Dang she is CUTE!!!!!