Monday, May 26, 2008

Jordan's 1st car show...

For those of you who don't already know this I grew up around men that have a LOVE for cars. As a little girl I can remember going on Sunday afternoon drives with dad while mom took a nap. Without fail we always ended up in front of car lots looking at cars. To this day I enjoy looking at cars, and I enjoy the smile that they bring to my dads face.

Jeff flew in for business, but anytime dad and Jeff are together there are always car shows involved. Mike loves going along to, and comes home with ideas of what he is going to get. But he hasn't come home talking about a '67 Camero SS, which is what I want, so we still haven't bought anything.

Mike was going to meet up with the guys and at the last minute Jordan and I decieded to tag along. We met for dinner and then off to the show.

She loved it! She loves being outside and she loves her granddaddy! Dad won again that night, and was happy to explain all about it to Jordan.


Janine said...

You have fab taste, I almost bought that stroller.

Analee said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. With your music playing and the pictures of my big brother that I do not see enought doing what he loves, it provided a great stress relief if you know what I mean. That darn Jordan Waterworks Gene. I seriously need a box of kleenex by my computer.