Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sleeping Beauty...

she has stolen my heart. I never thought it possible to love someone so much that it hurts. I find myself shedding a tear here and there, over the fact that she is getting so big. We had our 1 month checkup today, she has gained 2 lbs and grown 2 in. I know I have been a slacker with blogging, but I do sneak a peak at everyone else's when I have a free moment. Here are some snapshots that I finally downloaded tonight...when I saw them, I knew that I must blog.

I hope you enjoy!

Look at that hair, it is curly when it is wet. I just started putting mousse in it.

Zoe...well she gets a little pissed...Jordan has taken her spot next to Mike.

I think my favorite thing about her is how she uses her hands, she is very expressive with them. I will try to catch some of the funny ones to post.


stacy said...

i'm so surprised that you picked pink for you blog. hahaha! it just happens, pink truly begins to invade your life.

she is so beautiful and i love that head of hair, so pretty.

i'm glad you're all doing well.

Sarah said...

She is truly a beautiful little girl. I love the hair, chubby cheeks, and little hands. I really want to kiss and squeeze her.

Kristin said...

She is beautiful! I love the announcements!

Kristin said...
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the wrights said...


I want to reach through my computer screen and squeeze her. She looks so cuddly and the perfect little bundle. I love going to the dr. and knowing that all is well and that the babies are thriving and growing. She sure is super cute. I love her button nose. I can go on an on. You guys did good!!!