Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Old friends...

There were four of us in high school that were really good friends, and we still are best of friends, but life and marriage have taken us in different directions over time. Holly was home from Canada with her family, so my mom and I drove the 2 hours to Abilene for a girls lunch. It is funny how we can go for years without seeing each other but when we are together it is as if we haven't missed a minute. We had a fabulous lunch at Abuelo's, sat and chatted for 3 hours and then took the chatting to Holly's and then to Linda's. The only thing missing from our day was Lisa. Her husband is a C-130 pilot and stationed in Germany. Even though Lisa wasn't with us we had the next best thing...Linda, her mom.

Teresa, who still lives in Abilene and my mom.

Myself and Holly, who met a great guy, fell in love and moved to Canada.

Mom and Linda.

Me, Holly and Teresa.


stacy said...

so fun, and i'm sure it was worth the two hour drive. those are the best kind of friends. :)

Sarah said...

I love getting together with old friends. It is so fun