Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Legacy Village...

is where Oma's new home is. Mike stayed home with her yesterday afternoon, so the rest of us could go set up her room for her. I wasn't a whole lot of feet were swollen and hurt really bad, so I just sat and took pictures. We took a bed and night stand from Jeff's house that used to be in Oma's mothers home, and put that together. Then we hung pictures and shelves from here in her house on the walls. We also took her favorite rocking chair and Tiffany lamps. My cousins hung a cute wallpaper border in the bathroom to match the new shower curtain, and a pretty linen valance above her outside door. We took plants and other knick-knacks to set around. Her room looked so pretty and so much like her home when we left there.

I took a short walk up and down the hallway to check things out, I met many very friendly old people that will become new family for her. There were even a couple of really cute old men, maybe she will find a new little boyfriend. I was really happy with what I saw, it is like a real home with 16 bedrooms. I thought that the kitchen would be industrial, but it is normal and so is the living room where they watch TV.

Her room is on the right, where our purses are piled outside the door.

This is their living room

This is the kitchen, there are more tables behind me,
enough room for all 16 people to eat together

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