Monday, May 14, 2007

Leaving Wisconsin, and the COLD behind

Here is a shortened rendition of how we came to live in Arizona....My grandfather, Opa passed away in June of 2006, leaving not only a family who loved him dearly but a wife with Dementia. My grandmother, Oma needs around the clock care, due to her state of mind. My aunt had most of the responsibility for caring for Oma, and was becoming overwhelmed. While things were becoming overwhelming here in Arizona, the Lord was putting things into motion for Mike and I to be able to leave Wisconsin...and what a BLESSED day that was. We boxed up and left all our belongings in Wisconsin, and then drove our 2 cars here to land of sunshine. We arrived here 12/27/06, and moved in with Oma to care for her.

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stacy said...

you are such a sweet girl! i'm glad you have a blog.